The Australia Times

page 13 – 17

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The Australia Times Fashion Vol. 3 Issue 9 : Fashion Flat Lay for Beginners

A 10 Step Guide to the Fashion #Flatlay

A quick search on Instagram for #flatlay will give you over 300 thousand posts of people artfully capturing their daily lives and new materialistic loves in a square image carefully curated to be both pleasing to the eye and envy-inducing. However, the fashion flat lay documenting your outfit of the day or recent purchases isn’t as easy as it comes off to be, below is the top 10 things to remember when creating a fashion flat lay.

  1. The flat lay should communicate your personal style, so experiment with backgrounds, such as an all white background or floor boards, and play around with colour, texture and patterns.
  1. Pick a theme and stick to it. If you’re trying to create the perfect poolside flat lay, use sunnies, a bikini, hat and summer themed magazine cover. Alternatively, if its an #OOTD post stick to your outfit, accessories and shoes.
  1. Always build your flat lay around the biggest, most striking piece and place it either in the centre of your arrangement or to the side, and build from that item.
  1. Balance is key. Try to offset big items with small details, bright colours with less eye catching and light with dark. You want the image to feel calm and aesthetically pleasing, not screaming at the viewer ‘LOOK AT ME!’.
  1. Make sure clothes are neatly folded when photographing them and use the shapes they create to help define your dimensions.
  1. Speaking of dimensions, keep your flay lay square, so it’s in proportion and ready to be ‘grammed.
  1. Consider layering items, such as a necklace on top of a shirt, or sunnies thrown on top of a bikini.
  1. Use negative space and leave breathing room between the items in your image, we want to avoid clutter and create the feeling of calm, organised chaos.
  1. Utilise natural light when taking a flat lay photo, you want to eliminate shadows and portray the true colours of your items. Try setting up near a window or outside in the sunlight.
  1. Finally, always photograph from above. This generally means setting up on the floor or equally low surface in order for your image to have the perfect birds-eye-view of the show. Use a step stool if you must!

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