‘Skinny Me Tea Detox Review’ The Australia Times Fashion Vol.3 No.8′

Read the story and the mag HERE pages 46-47

Teatoxes have had quite a moment in the limelight, with bloggers and insta-famous individuals creating gorgeous flat lays using their tea and claiming a tea detox was exactly what they needed to get back on track. In recent years the fashion world has seen a crossover with the health and wellness sector, going to the gym and eating clean has never been so fashionable.

SkinnyMeTea is an Australian company who developed teas to assist with weightloss, reduce bloating, reduce water retention and cleanse the body of metabolic waste and free radicals, and have sold to over 300,000 people. With 405K followers on instagram and a blog dedicated to health tips, SkinnyMeTea is one of the biggest companies flogging the trend, so does it work?

The 14 day detox consists of drinking a ‘Morning Cleanse’ loose leaf tea in the AM and an instant ‘Evening Cleanse’ tea in the PM. The website and packaging warn that incorrect or extended use of the detox tea can result in intestinal cramping, dehydration, tummy upsets and, in worst case scenario, dependancy upon the teas for normal digestive function.

The 14 day detox was an effective booster to my health kick, and that’s how I would describe a teatox. I combined by two-week cleanse with mostly vegetarian, portion controlled meals and drank as much water and green tea as possible to keep hydrated. This combination seemed to work effectively with the tea and, for me, resulted in reduced bloating, reduced digestive discomfort, lessened hunger and sugar cravings and aided in kickstarting weightloss.

While this tea is marketed as a weightloss and wellness aid, I would describe it more as a booster, helping you to kickstart your health and get your metabolism going, rather than a long term solution. Keeping that in mind, the tea was then effective and I experienced very little side effects after the first three days. Water consumption is incredibly important. I give it a 7/10 based on it being an effective health booster, but it isn’t exactly the weightless champion its marketed as.

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