The Australia Times Travel Mag Vol. 3 No.7 ‘What Travel Teaches You’

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There’s a saying that’s overused, yet still irrevocably true – travel is the only thing you can buy, that will make you richer. Holidays are about fun, enjoying yourself and seeing things you can’t see anywhere else, taking a break from life. However, travelling is also about experiences, experiencing different cultures, religions, traditions and people. Encountering environments and cityscapes that exist only in a particular geographical location, whose energy and atmosphere are so specific to the location that it becomes obvious such a destination couldn’t exist anywhere else. Travelling offers an education unobtainable even from the most distinguished of institutions, this is what it can teach you…


When you travel to different parts of the world you immerse yourself into different cultures, religions, traditions and trends, all of which you have respect for because wherever you are, you’re the foreigner. This will teach you acceptance and understanding, the ability to understand a different demographic of people and accept them for who they are and what culture they’ve come from. This in turn will eliminate racism from your mindset, and prejudice against beliefs.

When you travel, things don’t always go according to plan, but because you’re in a different place on a possibly once-in-a-lifetime holiday, you make the best of the situation and move on. This translates to your life, you only have once chance, you may as well make the best of it and every situation that occurs throughout.


There are many different social and political environments across the world, not to mention environments and living conditions. As you travel you can experience these differences, witness true homelessness and poverty, or on the flip side, true splendour. Whatever the case may be, you will soon learn gratitude and be thankful for your government, your public health system, the roof over your head and the shoes beneath your feet. Ultimately, there will always be someone worse off than you, and this is humbling. However, among these locations you will be met with smiling faces and welcoming attitudes, and soon learn that people are, generally, good. You will also find that no matter where you are, rich or poor, everyone wants the same things. Love, family, and culturally relevant success. Faith in humanity can be restored.


When you travel you live out of a suitcase with nothing but the necessities and your favourite items of clothing and toiletries. What you will learn from this is that we humans don’t need a lot of things, materialistic things won’t make you happy and neither does clutter. As such, a seasoned traveller might find oneself partial to the minimalist trend, keep only what you need, what you love, and what brings you joy.


The most important thing travel will teach you, is who you are. After being exposed to the differences across the globe, you soon find that your opinions and values become more solidified. You realise that if you can navigate an entire city in Asia that has no discernible public transport system, you can do anything. You will soon find yourself more open minded and accepting of change, accepting of challenges. You become resilient, self-sufficient and strong, because you know that no matter how hard things get, someone, somewhere, is either struggling the same as you, or worse. The world is a big place but the human condition unites us all.

People talk about culture shock when travelling to places significantly different from our homes, but the real culture shock comes when we return from our adventures and suddenly see our own culture for what it is, not for what we’ve been led to believe and that, is one of the greatest gifts of all, to see our own homes and lives through fresh, excited eyes.

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What the editor said: 

Travel is an experience like no other – and that experience is something that can never be taken from you. In this month’s Travel Mag, writer Laura Barry reflects on ‘What Travel Teaches You’. There’s nothing like experiencing foreign cultures and customs – totally immersing yourself – to teach you about the ways of the world, and leave you with a profound respect for life. We are all global citizens. A great article, Laura – and one that has left me itching to jump on a plane… 

Kelly Sargent, Chief-of-Staff


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