‘Konmari and the Capsule Wardrobe’ in The Australia Times Fashion Mag vol.3 no.6

konmari and the capsule wardrobe
konmari and the capsule wardrobe

TAT Fashion Mag vol.3 no.6 pp 44-45

See it HERE 

The capsule wardrobe is a minimalist lifestyle movement endorsed by celebrities, bloggers and stylists alike. The concept of whittling down ones closet to a small number of specifically chosen items that fit the season, are practical and are mix-and-match-able. It could be argued that the minimalist lifestyle choice is a response to consumerism and fast fashion, an attempt to remove the materialistic and trend-driven aspect of fashion or style, and replace it with a carefully curated, high-quality yet practical selection of necessities rather than wants.

The capsule wardrobe has become popular for its practicality, it de-clutters your wardrobe and makes dressing in minutes a breeze as you can evaluate all of your options in a matter of seconds. It forces creativity in order to make something new from the same selection of items, and in doing so forces you to define and understand their personal style. Furthermore, knowing that you only have room for a select few items each season cuts down on spending, frivolous and emotional shopping, which means less buyers remorse and more money and time for more important things.

Ultimately, the capsule wardrobe falls into the minimalist lifestyle motto that less is more, and that we, as humans, should spend our time, money and energy undertaking more meaningful things in life rather than agonising over the minutiae. It should come as no surprise then, that Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of De-Cluttering and Organizing’ has become a #1 New York Times Bestseller and her method, dubbed KonMari, has taken over the world quicker than zombies in The Walking Dead, and has integrated fully into the minimalist fashion scene.

The KonMari Method dictates that you should only keep things that spark joy inside of you, and remove all others from your life. She writes that all things have energy, similar to the Japanese practice of Reiki, healing through energy and touch, Kondo believes by touching an item you can impart an energy on it, or it can tell you when something is wrong. Since the books release the method has gone viral online with wardrobe/KonMari hybrid projects popping up across Tumblr, Pinterest, blogs, Youtube and even the Huffington Post.

So, without further ado, here’s a beginners guide to de-cluttering your wardrobe and possibly creating a capsule collection using the KonMari Method.

Step 1. KonMari Method suggests going through everything you own in groups. Eg, dump all your clothes on the floor at once. Then move onto shoes, jewellery, accessories, linen, books, the group list is endless.

Step 2. Pick each item up and think about whether or not this item sparks joy inside of you? If you aren’t particularly emotionally attached to your clothes, try questions like – does this still serve its purpose? is it on high rotation? how do I feel when I wear it?

Step 3. If it sparks joy – keep it. If not, KonMari Method suggests thanking that item for the role it played in your life, then toss it.

Step 4. Organise your closet, hang all items that you feel would be ‘happier’ hung, and fold all items and place into drawer in such a way that you can see everything. If you’re particularly keen to follow the KonMari wardrobe method, pop onto youtube and do a quick ‘KonMari’ search for endless tutorials on folding her way.

Visit Marie Kondo’s website HERE.


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