Yarn Bombing on London – published by Topshelf Magazine

London has culture.
It has quintessentially british undertones, a bit of punk, a little rebellion and a lot of wonderful.
This culture has a global influence, if you were to say to someone “You sound like your from Lon-don”, while wincing at the terrible pop-culture reference you’d immediately know what accent or style they were trying to emulate.
You probably wouldn’t associate Britain’s capital culture with knitting the way you would with, say, graffiti or punk, but interestingly enough, that’s exactly what’s happening.
In East London you will find lampposts, railings, benches and even taxis decked out in custom made threads. It’s called guerrilla knitting, yarn-bombing or knit graffiti and it’s a phenomenon that started almost ten years ago in the United States of America.
When Magda Sayeg, boutique owner and founder of ‘Knitta, Please‘ yarn-graffiti group, knitted a tea cosy for her doorknob as decoration she unknowingly started a new wave of rebellion, this time arts’n’crafts style.
London knitters are becoming quite brazen in their guerrilla behaviour.
Remember when photos of Prince Harry, naked in Las Vegas surfaced?
A woolly version of him, minus clothing, was stitched to railings near a royal memorial in North Yorkshire.
Even global brands such as Toyota, Absolut Vodka and Nintendo have commissioned needlework from graffiti groups to yarn-bomb their products.
This craze has spread from its roots in Texas, America, to East London and even here in Hobart, Australia (seen any bicycle racks snuggled up in scarves lately?).
Graffiti knitting even has its own international yarn-bombing day now which is June 11.





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