Travel: Saying Farewell to Australia Part 3

Similarly, Melis felt the same when she moved to Tasmania, Australia
to study. “While I was at university I realised that I hadn’t spent
much time travelling, so I decided to take a break and explore other
countries.” She describes where she lives as a very nice bunch of
people living in a cute town called Hobart, “I was born in Landau An
Der Isar in Bavaria, Germany. To me, Hobart is actually a tiny town
but has lovely atmosphere and beautiful places”. While leaving home
and starting over again is considered hard, Melis insists that it’s
actually very easy to do, you just have to be open-minded and
positive. “I’ve had lots of different jobs here, jobs I wouldn’t do at
home. I got to know a different culture and language, which are very
interesting.” She characterises Australian government as a bit chaotic
and unorganised compared to her own in Germany, and that everything
seems more Americanised, the food, clothing, attitudes and interests,
almost offering an explanation as to why our young country has so many
children heading overseas. She also comments on Australia’s schooling
system, “I don’t like the idea of having so many private schools. Is
it necessary to buy your own education, what happens if you don’t have
the money, do you get the same quality?” Melis says travelling or
living in a foreign country was good for her, “you [have] more
experiences than back home, you grow up quicker because you have to
take responsibility for yourself.”

Zelinda explains that her views on life have changed very little. “Now
that I am older, I am of the opinion that opportunity can be created
almost anywhere.” This observation is undoubtedly true and poses a new
question, can opportunity be created in Australia? Melis shared a
similar viewpoint with Zelinda and sums up the answer perfectly. “As
far as I know, everything has two sides and I think it depends on
certain stages of life. People change and so do I, maybe I prefer
living here for now, but it could be different tomorrow.”


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