News: Bloggers Begin World Domination

In light of the recent cover shoots taking place, putting bloggers in the spotlight, it is time yet again, to ponder their place in the world of journalism, print and fashion. The January 2013 issue of British Company Magazine features a smiling Susie Bubble and Bip Ling dedicating the entire winter issue to bloggers, their advice and how to turn your blog into a job. Miss Vogue Australia issued ten covers for the competition with blogger candidates Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage, Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Vintage and Sara Donaldson of Harper&Harley, just to name a few.
The Swedish Elin Kling from Style by Kling blog has even transitioned from trend setter to designer, collaborating with Guess by Marciano to create the blogger cum fashion designer hybrid, she has also collaborated with H&M. Not to mention Susie Bubble has also hosted the ‘Edited By’ section at global giant Topshop and Charmaine James of Heart&Bleecker has been the face of Miss Shop.
Retailers like Myers Miss Shop, Mimco, Sunglass Hut, Solestruck and Minkpink have all initiated blogger projects or been host to bloggers at some stage in order to reclaim their foot hold in the business,

It’s an interesting time for bloggers, while cyber space is saturated more than ever with wannabe writers and designers, the creme de la creme of the blogosphere are making ripples in the fashion world. Our front row has slowly transformed from magazine editors and critics to bloggers and socialites, known for their style or number of daily site hits.
It’s been a long debate that bloggers are not journalists or legitimate fashion savvy icons having not studied at a design institute or worked their way through the publishing ranks fetching coffee and lunches or assisting. However, today’s younger generation are better educated and have observed the way traditional media and fashion run the show, and are now doing a better job by making it more accessible and relatable for the every day viewer. While traditional media critics view this as simple citizen journalism, lacking reliability and authenticity, these very company giants are taking on successful bloggers to run their social media and marketing, to reboot their marketable image or to generate more interest. In fact, bloggers are now fast becoming sponsored and used for advertising with retailers sending bloggers products for placement and review by our very own citizen journalists, knowing full well they will reach a broader audience. Furthermore, traditional media is becoming homogenous, with most titles being owned by the same company or person, featuring the same advertorials, editorials, articles and photoshoots, all sponsored by the same products. The fact of the matter is the general public is becoming tired of being saturated in same-same-but-different sources and are turning to online publications and blogs for their daily dose of news, opinion and fashion. It will be interesting to see the online phenomena grow even more in 2013 with the launch of so many online initiatives, publications, company’s and bloggers, who will win, the old or the new?

Image sourced from vogue December 2012 Australia at


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