The Resurrection of Jelly Bean Sandals – Interview with Kristian Klein published by Togatus Magazine


Kristian Klein Resurrects Jelly Beans – Togatus September 2012 After his sister Zoe found a pair of mini Jelly Sandals during a cupboard clean-out, director of Jelly Beans Australia Kristian Klein went on a brotherly mission to find her a … Continue reading

The Misconception About The Philippines – published by Togatus Magazine

photo: Laura Barry

The Misconception about the Philippines – Itchy Feet Magazine August 2012 The first thing I toiled with when I arrived in Manila was the flabbergasting juxtaposition of poverty against wealth. Ramshackle shanties were built against the walls of grand houses, … Continue reading

BlackMilk Clothing – Interview with Cameron Parker published by Togatus Magazine


Interview: Cameron Parker on BlackMilk Clothing – published by Togatus June 2012 Cameron Parker is the marketing and operations brains behind the clothing label Black Milk. The fashion house has gone from a one man show of designer James Lillis … Continue reading

Kirrily Johnston Follows Lisa Ho – published by


Following recent news of Australian fashion designer Lisa Ho’s revelation of the labels closure, fellow Australian fashion designer Kirrily Johnston announced the very real possibility that the KJ fashion house may be meeting the same fate. Following the effects of … Continue reading